Starting Methods

According to the current rules of the companies, as well as concessionaires providing electricity, it is extremely necessary that they be respected and adopted. In cases where the motor starting current is considerably high, there may be some consequences that need to be analyzed, such as a high voltage drop in the mains supply system, thus causing an interference in the equipment installed in this system mrosupply ac motors. over-dimensioning of the protection system, in the case of cables and contactors, a factor that can increase installation costs.

In this way, it can be said that it is very important to emphasize that the starting of the motor is carried out directly, that is, at full voltage. This is considered as the simplest existing method, however, the same only becomes feasible in case the starting current is not able to affect your mains. Due to some factors, if direct starting is not feasible, an indirect starting method compatible with the load and motor voltage must be used in order to reduce the starting current. When using a starting method with reduced voltage, the starting torque of the motor will consequently be reduced.